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EPG Editor Pro version 2.0.0

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Please read README file for important details. EPG Editor Pro is software for editing channels TV program and generating EPG XML file to streaming EIT tables to DVB.

New in version: new tables in database. Accounts, users and permitions to  the system.

Examples screens:


1. Unpack the archive to a directory "/var/www/html/epgedit" (or other and change system config).

2. Create database epg and user mysql
mysql -uroot -p

CREATE USER 'epg'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'epg_pass';
flush privileges

3. Change directory "cd mysql".

4. Run command:
mysql -uroot -p -Depg < epg.sql
Tables will be created with the necessary configuration data base epg.

5. Make the necessary changes to the file "config.php":
(After run application, changes in configuration can be make from aplication. Warning: "apache" have to write permission to file "config.php").

6. Configure http server, np.:
Alias /epgedit "/var/www/html/epgedit"

Options ExecCGI FollowSymLinks Indexes
AllowOverride All
Order allow,deny
Allow from all

7. Set permissions do directory "/var/www/html/epgedit".
chown -R apache /var/www/html/epgedit

8. Run: https:///epgedit

9. Login to the system:
login: admin
password: epg_admin
Change login and password by edit "epg_users_login" table in database.
You can create new accounts by add records to the table "epg_users_login" and assign permissions to group "Admin".
By default, if field "name_module" has "permition_module" set to NOT 0, then user has permition to this module.

Warning: Administration module will be expanded in the future.

10. Select menu "Edit->Show register channels TV" and add your channel. Set field "Show in EPG".
In main window press F5 (reload page).
You should see channels that you just added.
Double-click on the field in the selected channel. This will create a new program position.

11. Positions EPG you can import the Internet.
(Importer EPG uses script EpgDownloader Jakuba Zalasia:

12. Positions EPG you can export the file to make it available to the server epg (to generate tables EIT).    
Files can be generated in several formats. Format select in config file "config.php" in posiotion: "$epg_doc_rodzaj".
Formats can be configured in menu "File->Config EPG exporter".
Warning: it is for advances users !!
You can define your own , any file format.